The provable, documented, historically correct facts, about MEP are:


.She shows up in Nantucket at the age of 6 in 1820. historically

.She lived with Grandma Hussey until she married in about 1840.

.She helped her first husband on the UGRR taking slaves to Canada.

.When he died, She and her second husband continued the work.

.She moved to SF in 1852-3 where she and her second husband continued the UGRR work until after the war.

.This work included a highly documented contact with John Brown in Canada where she seems to have given him money and bought property for slaves in Canada.

.After the war, she and her husband initiated a series of civil rights cases in SF- until his death ca. 1875-7.

.After husband’s death she helped Thomas Bell move into his new mansion.

( There is proof in City Hall who was the architect and who owned it. The citation is in one of my comments sections from a reader who is also doing research on MEP. It is in the article on the house of mystery -in the comments.)

.She got involved with The Allie Hill case and Williams Sharon did his best to discredit her as a witness.

.She became the subject of the tabloid journalism of the 1880’s, to great detriment of her reputation.

.She lived in the Bell mansion until Thomas Bell died and Teresa used the courts to kick her out.

.MEP did get the Beltane ranch, but apparently the strangers who cared for her until her death got everything that was left when she died.



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